When do we arrange for our shower screen to be measured?

When replacing existing shower screens you can arrange your free measure and quote immediately.
When completing a bathroom remodel or building you can select your style and receive a quote while in the planning stages. However, the measure is conducted once the base and tiles or splash-backs have been installed. Our products are custom made to allow for any variation in walls or base levels to give you the best quality and look for your new shower.

If I want to change the shower screen do I need to change my base?

The short answer is no! We are able to fit our custom made shower screens to your existing base 99% of the time. We can even arrange to remove and dispose of your old shower screen before fitting the new screen to your existing base. Any problems with fitting our custom made screens to your existing base would be picked up during our measure. e.g. we cannot fit a new shower screen to a base that is cracked.

Will the glass in my splash back have a green tinge?

When selecting a glass splash back it is important to understand your glass options. Ordinary toughened glass has a slight green tinge created by the iron that is added in manufacturing to toughen the glass for safety and longevity. This green tinge is quite difficult to detect in the clear glass used for shower screens but when paint is added the green tinge will have a noticeable difference depending on the colour chosen. For example black in unaffected but white paint appears greenish.

At GLI customers have the option of toughened glass with a reduced green tinge for higher visible light transmission. This allows for better colour matching. Our helpful staff will guide you through the process of which type of glass will give your the colour effect suited to your taste.