bathroom mirrors

Custom Mirror Range

At GLI we can provide custom sized mirrors in a range of styles for any area of your home or workplace. Our experienced staff will advise you on the type of mirror best suited to your requirements. 

Flat Polished Edge Mirrors – These polished edge mirrors are produced by buffing the edge of the mirror to make the edge appear almost imperceptible. These are our most popular style of mirror as they have a modern and streamlined appearance.

Beveled Edge Mirrors – The beveled edge refers to the type of mirror that has the edge cut at a certain angle to give the mirror the look of a framed-edge around it.

Aluminium Framed Mirrors – The aluminium frame encases the mirror edges and creates a sturdy structure for your mirror. Aluminium frame is available in a range of metallic looks or powder coated styles. This style of mirror is popular for budget conscious decorators who value durability.

Fine Line Black Framed mirrors – This style combines the streamlined appearance of the flat polished edge mirror with a very fine black aluminium frame with a 1 mm front profile. This mirror is a perfect match for the black bathroom tap ware and shower screen frame trend.

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