slimline doors

Slimline Wardrobe Door System with the space saving triple track option

The Slimline Wardrobe Door System is another premium wardrobe design at a surprisingly affordable price. It has a sleek and contemporary design and its ‘slim’ track and jamb design means that you have more space in your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Door Panels

  • Polytec melamine panels come in an extensive range of colour and texture options – see the range in store.
  • Mirrored Wardrobe Doors give the illusion of more space while reflecting light into the space. They are safety backed mirrors.
  • Mix and match a mirrored door with any of our other door styles.  
  • White or Black Safety Glass
  • Plain panels for painting or wall papering are an alternative for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.
  • Routed panel options to match existing or period door styles are also available. Discuss your requirements with our sales team.

Slimline tracks and jambs for two doors measures only 57mm in width. This is significantly smaller than most wardrobe door systems and gives you greater flexibility in your wardrobe design.

Slimline tracks and jambs for the Triple Track system measures only 81mm in width. This means that with a three door wardrobe you have two thirds of your wardrobe open for ease of access to wardrobe interiors. The slim track means that renovators have more options for wardrobe doors in built ins that previously had been limited to a dual track system.

Aluminium Trim Options